In response to deepening concerns about climate change, A GRAND STAND for the Environment Inc. presents TableTalk, a catalyst for the simplicity of conversation in homes and cafes.


In these intimate groups as yet slowly emerging, heart-felt stories of hopes and fears for our earth community are given opportunity to be heard.

In offering a 'safe' place of attentive listening and mutual vulnerability we seek to generate new hope, creativity and encouragement for those around the table, and to empower and inspire us to move into acts of caring for the Earth for future generations of life.

A simple ritual of sharing a home-grown gift or piece of handcraft completes a precious gift of intimacy in a two hour 'communion' of a simple morning tea.

TableTalk is already happening in homes and local cafes. Simply, the host invites friends for a cup of tea, and alongside with a GRAND STAND facilitator, guides and stimulates conversation. Everyone brings a small gift from the garden to exchange. The gathering enables people share stories, raise concerns, and imagine hopeful futures.

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"The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects." Thomas Berry